Monday, January 30, 2012

Obsession of the Week... Lamps

Lamps are a great accent for any room and almost everyone has one, so why not make it a statement, like this teacup lamp. I discovered this DIY teacup lamp on the blog Vintage Revival and fell in love with it.

It's super cute and totally inspiring! I will admit drilling through glass tea cups and saucers somewhat scares me, but this blog also gives great tips for drilling into glass. Can't wait to try it.

Here is another example from blogger Rocky Bella of a glass vase turned into a lamp. She was inspired by the glass lamps from Crate and Barrel. I saw something similar at Target the other day and I really like them.

After seeing these DIY lamps I am on a mission to start making my own. As for the teacup lamp, I like how she added color by spray painting the teapot. I think I will do the same when I attempt this.  As for the glass vase lamps I envision it with a fun lamp shade of a bold pattern and color. 

fabric images via

In addition to making these lamps I also want to refurbish some vintage lamps I picked up at my local thrift store. I will keep you posted on how it goes. I'm crossing my fingers hoping I don't break to many glasses!

Monday, January 23, 2012

It's called a dumbwaiter table...

As many of you know I am crazy about stenciling and am happy to report my latest project is finally finished. What did I stencil? It's called a Dumbwaiter Table. I came across this table a while ago and knew I wanted to do something special to it. I always envisioned using multiple colors and a cool pattern on the table tops.

dumbwaiter table after

dumbwaiter table before
The top of each tier is painted in Benjamin Moore's Gibraltar Cliff and Beach Glass.  The stencil I used is a beautiful Moroccan pattern from the Royal Design Stencil Shop. When I ordered the stencil I didn't realize how big it was going to be because it's a wall stencil. Therefore, when it arrived it was way too big for this small table, so I tried shrinking the pattern on a copier and it worked. It was a long process and I wouldn't suggest it to anyone. Once the pattern was scaled down, I then traced on to blue painters tape I had put onto the table tops.

the grueling stencil process
The stenciling process took longer then I thought it would, but the results are fabulous!

table tops

close up on table top
  The table also has a beautiful pedestal at the bottom and in between each tier.

THIS TABLE HAS SOLD, but if you are interested in other things check out my Etsy Shop - Refurbishedwithlove. Keep checking back for my next stencil project, a chevron pattern rug!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A is for Apple, B is for Boy, C is for Custom Made Nursery

As I mentioned before, my Christmas holiday was a busy one filled with sewing and refurbishing. Two of my biggest projects were for my best friend Jessica's nursery. I am sure if I lived in Houston Jessica and her husband would have me busy day and night with projects for their new home.

The nursery has a cute farm house theme complete with a pig, old barn door refurbished dresser, madras plaid, red and white gingham ribbon and all the toys perfect for little boys. My projects for the nursery were to sew drapes, a London shade and refurbish a dresser.

nursery after 

Jessica picked up this dresser for $50 from a Houston thrift store. It is made of solid wood and is about 50 years old. It needed minor repairs, other than that it was in great condition. Over the 50 years the dresser has acquired some beautiful wear and tear from the warm holes to the antiqued mirror.

dresser before
close up of dresser before

dresser before

Jessica knew from the beginning she wanted this dresser to look like an old barn door, from the weathered wood, fading paint to the distressed edges. The paint color was a perfect fit. Jessica chose Martha Stewart Living Sealing Wax.  Lucky for Jessica, I really enjoy a challenge and the finished product looks as though it was made from the wood of an old Texas barn.

dresser after

close up on mirror and dresser top

close up of dresser top

To help complete the farm house theme custom made drapes and London shade were sewn. I chose a indoor/outdoor cotton/poly blend navy fabric for the drapes and shade. The durability of an indoor/outdoor fabric is great for little boys. For the drapes we also choose to make the length floor to ceiling for a more elegant look. Both the drapes and shade are lined with blackout lining. Blackout lining is a necessity for nurseries because it helps keep out most sunlight for those naps at all different hours. A delicate red and white gingham ribbon was added as trim to both the drapes and shade.  


In addition to the dramatic length, we also decided to make the drapes extra wide. Jessica wanted the extra fabric to gather and bunch when the drapes are fully closed.

London shade
close up on London shade

The London shade turned out  fantastic. I love the bobbled bottom. Baby Brody is one lucky baby, two amazing parents, two loving dogs and one awesome nursery.

Photo by Jessica Matos Photography.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

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I am addicted to Pinterest. It is such a cool concept and a great storage bank for creative ideas. So far I have used Pinterest for DIY ideas, cooking, home improvement tips, decorating and much more. I will admit at first I was hesitant to join mainly because I didn't understand the concept, but now that I do I can't stop pinning! If you want to see what I am pinning you can follow me here at RefurbishedwithLove Pinterest.

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Happy Pinning!