Monday, October 8, 2012

A Houston Family Heirloom... The Piano Bench

Over my summer trip home to Houston I took on two more projects and one of them was the old family piano bench at my sister's house. My grandfather, on my dad's side, was a professional piano player in Miami and this was the piano he had in Miami. It was brought to Houston when my grandparents moved in with us in the late 80's.

Our house was always filled with music. I can still hear my grandfather playing old songs from his night club days and how he endlessly practiced his new sheet music for his Lutheran church where he played.  I learned how to play "She will be coming around the mountain" on this piano. Can I still play that today? No, but I have fond memories of my grandfather teaching me.

piano bench before

To reupholster this bench I used fabric, trim and studs picked out by my sister. She also monogramed her family initials on the top. The monogram added an elegant yet personal touch.

piano bench after

close up on the monogram

It turned out beautifully and now looks great in her family study.

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