Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's a chevron transformation!

Chevron, chevron and more chevron.. I can't get enough of it! Some of you may remember my 'old obsession of the week' post discussing the pattern chevron. Well, I have finally started to put those ideas into action! My first chevron project was this coral colored side table.

I picked up this table in northern New Jersey and instantly loved the shape of it with the curved edges and detailed legs. The table originally was white and the worst paint job I had ever seen. It had the thickest coat of white acrylic paint. In some parts I could literally peel it off in sheets and in other areas I had to used a heavy duty stripping solution twice! Once all the acrylic was removed, I painted it a base color of Behr's 'Cool Melon.' Then I stenciled on the chevron pattern and painted the stripes in Behr's 'Cool Lava.'

side table before 
close up on end table

end table after

Here is the second chevron project I recently completed.  I picked up this bench from the same place where I got the table. This poor bench was in bad shape when I picked it up, but I love the final product!

After some much needed TLC. I stained the wood a rich ebony and made a new cushion from the beautiful beautiful navy and white from Premiere Prints zig zag fabric.

chevron bench after - SOLD
I have more of this fabric left over and I think I will use it on my work stool!

Check back to see more pattern projects!


  1. Oh my! I love that chevron fabric. Totally getting for this stool I found in the trash. Your blog is great!

  2. This is absolutely lovely!!! Could you share your processes to paint. I've noticed you don't do much sanding. I want to paint some of my pieces white and I dread the sanding process. I've used high gloss white paint before but they don't look as good as the pieces you do. I love your blog!

  3. Hello Ruvarashe,
    Thank you for being a fan of RWL. As for the table, I did sand it, a lot! Here are some tips for refurbishing that I always do. First, I strip all pieces of furniture, then I sand with 150 grit or medium sanding sponge to make sure every thing is smooth. After that I sand with a lighter sand paper 220. I prime all my pieces too and I use a spray gun to apply my paint. The chevron pattern was hand painted. For applying the stripes: you need to first paint the whole section you are making chevron with one of the colors. Then I mark all my lines with painters tape. Once every thing is marked I hand paint the second color. Check out my facebook page for more chevron stuff